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Women's college - Hoboken NJ, 1910

There’s always one that turns aside when the others laugh.

College girls. Hoboken, New Jersey. 1910s.

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Aeronaut Occupations of Women Old Judge and Dogs Head Cigarettes 1887

Few occupations allowed one so easily to look down on men.

“Aeronaut” from the Occupations of Women trading card series by the Old Judge and Dog’s Head Cigarette Company (1887)

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Marginalia, no.271

“Notice of Availability of and Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration”

~ Title of a San Francisco Planning Department notice

Most of the mitigated negative declarations I’ve heard were uttered by women. There was Bridget in middle school who gave me a thumbs down for attractiveness but told me I still had nice eyes. There was a college girlfriend who dumped me, but only because she was so devoted to God. Then there was the stranger I asked out for a drink once. “No thanks,” she said, “but I admit that you have better-than-average grooming habits.”

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Placebo Effect

‘When I got tired of talking to the other passengers, I thought about women. I frequently do this for hours without becoming bored; they are much pleasanter than sheep to think of when you are trying to fall asleep.  Thinking about women also makes you insensible to mild fright or minor discomforts.  Once I was sleeping with another fellow under a pup tent in a rainstorm in Tunisia and at about two o’clock in the morning he woke me up.  I said, “What’s up?” and he said, “The tent’s just blown away.”  The rain had turned to a cloudburst, and my blankets were soaked through.  I got into the front seat of a jeep and wrapped the wet blankets around me.  The top and windshield afforded some help, but the water lashed in from both sides.  I thought about women for four and a half hours and never caught a cold.’

~ A.J. Liebling, The Road Back to Paris

Image: Mata Hari, 1905

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