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Marginalia, no.85

Man was entering under false pretenses the sphere of incredible facilities, acquired too cheaply, below cost price, almost for nothing, and the disproportion between outlay and gain, the obvious fraud on nature, the excessive payment for a trick of genius, had to be offset by self-parody.

~ Bruno Schulz, The Street of Crocodiles

Schulz is musing on the old velocipedes and how they made their riders look ridiculous.  Having now progressed far enough into the Sphere of Incredible Facilities to enjoy the benefits of karaoke, breast implants, spray-on tans and Segway scooters, we see that while Man will always want super powers, he’ll always look silly in tights, and you can’t have one without the other…  In more philosophical moments I wonder if it’s really possible to defraud nature, since that would require being outside nature onself, which is absurd.  It could be, after all, that global warming is nothing more than Mother Earth blushing at her children trying to keep upright on two wheels.

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