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Marginalia, no.300

The digestive action of a healthy adult male obliterated everything but 28 bones (out of 131) belonging to a segmented shrew swallowed without chewing.

~ Mary Roach, in a footnote to Gulp

Like the digestive tract, the human mind produces an almost universal solvent. Loss, disappointment, and heartbreak are swallowed whole and assimilated every day the world over. And yet in each man’s life will be found, here and there, the twenty-eight indigestible bones of a shrew.


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Marginalia, no.295

Catfish are basically swimming tongues.

~ Mary Roach, Gulp

If your epidermis were covered in taste buds, like the catfish, your clothes would become unpalatable before they became unfashionable. You would always eat dinner with your hands. You would distinguish between rain showers that were sweet, savory, sour or bitter.

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