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Marginalia, no.245

It was also said of Descartes that he entertained the sick with mathematics.

~ Gaby Wood, Edison’s Eve

Oscar Wilde writes in De Profundis that friends have a right to share in each other’s sufferings and when denied that right may pound at the door till admitted. It could only have been violence like this that persuaded Descartes’ friends to let him into their sick rooms. As Job once discovered, there are friends for sickness and friends for health. We hope they know which kind they are.


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Marginalia, no.86

There are no friends, only moments of friendship.

~ Jules Renard, Journal

Yes, but with certain persons we seem always to find our moment, a perpetual interval come loose from the tyranny of sequence and forever close at hand.

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Marginalia, no.68

‘We embraced, and since then we are mortal enemies.’

~ Asmodeus in Alain René Lesage’s Le Diable boiteux

It may hold as a general pattern for demons or lovers.  The relationships of boys, however, move in an opposite direction.  In sixth grade, it was only after Eddie and I had got our fisticuffs out of the way that we found the timid mutual respect permitting friendship.  Maybe Fight Club got it right: maybe adult men find it hard to make friends because they’re less inclined to punch each other in the face.

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