Best Of TNP

Bathing beauty contest winners (and losers), circa 1920

Excluding the Marginalia series, which stands (or falls) on its own, a dozen or so highlights from each year:

~ 2014 ~

Travels: Sir John Mandeville and William Bartram

Me and Lizzy

Finding Yourself Locked Out

Let Us Now Praise Awful Poets

Notes Toward a Philosophy of Camping

The Heart of the Matter

The Lives of Books

Reading John Aubrey

Sickness and Health

The Woods

Bill Murray

~ 2013 ~

Doctor Johnson Hates My American Guts

Reading Notes: G.K. Chesterton and John Gray

Healthy Animal Insensibility

Planet Doug


American Blood

Book Porn Rises Again (No.10)

Baby Monarchs

Wine in the Morning and Breakfast at Night

My True Majority

Leeches, Balloons, Gods Descending

Under the Sea

~ 2012 ~

An Accidental Thief

Little People and Big People

Achievement Gaps

Sympathetic Imagination

Savage Philosophies

The Edifice of Peace

The Heavy and the Dead

The Mysteries of Occupation

Reading Notes: Marilynne Robinson and Carl Sagan


Political Melancholy

Art and Sex and Very Small Birds

~ 2011 ~

Magic Words

Remembering Mary Irene

Defeated by Televangelism

The Irrelevance of Literature

My Life as a Bird

Birds and Boulders

A Million Year Walk

How to Sound Foreign

No End of Charlie Johnsons

The Eloquent Bones

A Domestic Bestiary

Everyone’s Doing It

~ 2010 ~

The Virgilian Lots

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Digital Future

Book Porn, no.9

Bull’s Eye

Flora Wellman

Analog Beach

More Pygmies vs. Cranes

Serious Frivolity

From the Desk of Answer Man

The Trouble with the World Explained

Slaughter of the Innocents

Hic Bibitur

~ 2009 ~

Tracking Metaphors in the Wild

On Children’s Books

Free, Pre-Paid Cremations!

Bug Notes

B is for Basil, Assaulted by Bears

Notes for a Universal History of Tobacco

Return of the Outcast

Unmanageable Dreams

The Sufficient Beauty of Mr Polly

More Gushing Enthusiasm

Suffer the Little Children

Obligatory Christmas Post

~ 2008 ~

Dubious Cartography

Aiming the Canon

Chekhov and the Weight of Beauty

In Regio Gigantum

On the Right Hand of the Indies

Ink and Bones: Thoreau

Electric Babylon

Dragon Trees of California

The Librarian of Auschwitz

Tea with the Salamander

Bookshop Confessions

Star-like Isolation

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