A Program Note

Life sometimes orders itself into nice chapters. Vows are exchanged or a child is born, and so a new chapter begins. Other times the line separating one of life’s chapters from the next is uncertain. I’ve been turning pages here at The New Psalmanazar for more than seven years, but recently with less and less a sense of purpose.

Reflecting on this, and on the promise of big changes to come in my family life, I’ve decided that I need a break, a self-awarded sabbatical. I’ll probably be back. I may not.

In the meantime – perhaps as a hedge, or to wean myself gradually – I’ve opened shop at another address. I snicker at myself, but Afield Notes will feel fresh (to me) and be less work. Mostly I’ll use it to share quotes and images of perhaps nothing more than personal interest.

I invite you to follow me there, if you’re so inclined. Either way, thank you for reading.


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3 responses to “A Program Note

  1. 😦 but enjoy the new … and thanks for some amusing and thought-provoking posts.

  2. Anne

    I have signed up to AN but will really miss this site. Thanks, and all best wishes for the future.

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