Mountains of salmon. My youthful misadventures in Alaska are recounted in an essay published today over at The Dabbler.



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  1. I forwarded the link to a young friend, who replied: “That article brings me right back into the two summers I spent up in Alaska. Every detail presented pleasantly haunting images and memories of what I had encountered. The long mind numbing hours, the smells and noises, interacting with the locals, and the frequent hallucinations later in the season when we hadn’t slept more than a couple hours a night. Even after my return to Minnesota, the way my friends and family saw me was like someone had appeared from a world unknown to them. It was quite the experience and while I don’t really miss it, it is fun to recall all the people and events that occurred in just a few short months.”

    • Douglas Dalrymple

      Ah, that’s wonderful. Thanks for sharing. The only thing that really made it tolerable working there was the fact that we all had each other. Even hell, we decided, could be all right with decent company.

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