The good folks at The Dabbler published a piece of mine today in which I reminisce about my time as an underpaid bookshop worker surrounded by freaks and lunatics.



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  1. Thanks, I enjoyed that. By way of swapping anecdotes, I offer you a piece from my blog with some reminiscences of staying with the late George Whitman, bookseller, in Paris 1962; and a bonus clip from the British sitcom, “Black Books”

  2. I volunteer at a charity bookshop in a basement-like area and they visit us there too. Though no geese. Last Thursday a man with one good eye and a knitted magenta hat told me that he used to date Michael Jordan back when Michael Jordan was a woman, but then “he got his vagina sewed up” and the man had to break off the relationship because he did not date homosexuals. I said something like, “Well, these things happen.”

  3. Douglas Dalrymple

    That’s wonderful. It’s been too long since I’ve enjoyed a conversation like that.

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