Marginalia, no.248

The animals in Winnie-the-Pooh are lacking in genitalia, they seem to have no activity in life other than calling on one another and eating snacks – but the experienced critic need not be fooled.

~ Frederick C. Crews, The Pooh Perplex

The unexamined life may be the one worth living after all, but that conclusion is only available to someone who’s done some examining already and spoiled it for himself. One summer afternoon when I was eleven or twelve I remember feeling a sudden regret that so much of my childhood was over with. That was the moment I ceased to be an artist and became a critic. As every critic knows, there’s no return to the Hundred Acre Wood and the clique of asexual snackers.



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4 responses to “Marginalia, no.248

  1. Thank you for the great laugh! Asexual snackers, indeed.

  2. John

    Have you ever noticed that all of our comic book superheroes including Jesus, Tarzan, the Phantom and especially Superman never had genitals or were essentially a-sexual.
    Can you imagine Superman ever screwing Lois Lane. Or Jesus screwing/porking or bonling Mary or Martha?

    Tarzan who “lived” out in the wilds outside of “civilization” was always clean-shaven and never had a hairy chest or even hairy armpits.
    Was there ever any hint of the the “people” pictured in a Norman Rockwell painting having genitals.

  3. Ian Wolcott

    No, I haven’t, but I’ll look for it. Thanks.

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