Marginalia, no.230

Copernicus has ruined humanity forever.

~ Luigi Pirandello, The Late Mattia Pascal

That last gin and tonic was a mistake. If it weren’t for the Pole, I would only imagine myself spinning. As it is, I close my eyes and have to feel the whole globe hurtling through space.


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3 responses to “Marginalia, no.230

  1. When this arrived at my inbox, subscriber to THE NEW PSALMANAZAR that I am, the wording differed: “But if it weren’t the for the Pole, I would only imagine myself spinning.” I find it now corrected: “But if it weren’t for the Pole…” I prefer to STET the error, so to speak, if only on a whim: the “mistake” of that last gin and tonic makes the typographical mistake somehow thematic.

    In any case, the sun is always over the yard-arm somewhere. Take that, Copernicus.

    Thanks, Mr. Wolcott, as always.

  2. Ian Wolcott

    Guilty as charged.

    • No guilt is in question.

      But, O, with what trepidation I often double-check, on waking, that spate of e-mails I always (for some mystifying reason) feel “capable” of writing after coming home from my watering hole in the wee small hours of the morning, when I, along with the whole wide world, ought to have already been fast asleep.

      Best as always,

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