Sublime Choreography

I do not recommend reading Anthony Powell’s A Dance to the Music of Time while trying to edit and improve a draft of your own novel.  Or maybe I do recommend it.  There’s something valuable, I suppose, in boldly confronting the depths of one’s own literary inadequacy and comparative lack of talent.  Halfway through the Dance, I am in love.  I see that I have been a very promiscuous reader up till now, content to thoughtlessly set even my favorite authors aside after a book or two and roam about hungrily looking for fresh meat.  At risk of repeating the common but misleading comparison, Proust couldn’t cure me of this; Powell has.  The sixth novel in the series, The Kindly Ones, is among the very finest, funniest, most melancholy books I’ve ever had the pleasure to open.

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  1. Since discovering Powell back in 1983, I have read through the entire “A Dance to the Music of Time” three, perhaps four times. My favorite is “At Lady Molly’s.” Nobody wrote like him, though the work of Southern author Peter Taylor sometimes reminds me of Powell.

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