Marginalia, no.136

The force that drives the penis is the force that drives prosperity.

~ Ten-foot-tall sign on back of parked truck, Mountain View, California

The mind reels, but it was inevitable.  With the collapse of the housing market, the automobile industry and the banks, only pornography can keep the American economy afloat.  Who says stimulus never works?


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2 responses to “Marginalia, no.136

  1. FROM pent-up aching rivers,
    From that of myself without which I were nothing,
    From what I am determin’d to make illustrious, even if I stand
    sole among men,
    From my own voice resonant, singing the phallus,
    Singing the song of procreation,
    Singing the need of superb children and therein superb grown
    Singing the muscular urge and the blending . . .

    ––Whitman, “Leaves of Grass” (1881-82 ed.).

  2. I believe it was the poet who said “The penis is mightier than the sword.” Or maybe it was Iggy Pop.

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