Marginalia, no. 124

A philosopher who was surprised in the act was asked what he was doing.  He replied quite coolly: ‘I am planting a man,’ not blushing at being discovered at that any more than if he had been discovered planting garlic.

~ Montaigne, Apology for Raymond Sebond

It’s curious (though irrelevant) to note that both planting a man and eating garlic are enough to temporarily ban a person from participation in the mysteries of several religions.  An act or period of cleansing is required.  More secular doctrine only recommends that tooth brushing precede the one while following the other.



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5 responses to “Marginalia, no. 124

  1. If you use the right kind of toothpaste, but that’s an issue of an entirely different kind.

  2. Not in France it doesn’t where a reek of one sort or another is deemed to add savour.

  3. Ian,

    You are on top of your game. Quip for quip, aphorism for aphorism, with the likes of Montaigne. TNP makes for some of the best magpie reading (as Emerson would say) on the ‘net.


  4. Ian Wolcott

    WNGL – Tom’s of Maine.

    Gareth – Eww.

    Mark – Too generous. “Magpie reading” is very nice.

  5. Being a Mainer and a champion of Montaigne, I tip my hat to the crowd and reach for more garlic.

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