Bibliotheca Abscondita, Titles #3 & #4

Seven Million Stray Dogs, by Acre.  On the cover is a Byzantine-style icon of Neil Armstrong standing on the lunar surface, his hand raised in blessing and a golden nimbus round his helmet.  The book is bound in curious triangular fashion and opens (impossibly) from two different sides.  It is covered with a clear cellophane wrapper.  Seven Million Stray Dogs is a universal almanac which I consult, in my dream, for Ikea-style instructions on assembling Italian Renaissance furniture pieces.

Hannibal at Sea, anon.  On the cover is a silhouette image of a Phoenician trireme with three elephants aboard lifting their trunks in salute.  The book is a collection of aphorisms for the strategically uncertain.


[NB: I’ve officially made this another series.  For a refresher/introduction and a link to past posts, click here.]


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5 responses to “Bibliotheca Abscondita, Titles #3 & #4

  1. elberry

    Curious, i too have dreams of second-hand bookshops i don’t remember having ever visited. i’m not sure if they actually exist (or existed) somewhere or if my imagination has cobbled them together from the many i’ve frequented in the last 34 years.

  2. Ian Wolcott

    Do you remember any specific books from your dreams? I’d love to know what you found, Elberry. Maybe I’ll start a collection of dream books. I’m trying to train myself to always pay attention to books in dreams and remember them. The other night I woke up in the middle of my dream and had to write down the details about these two right away or else, I knew, I’d forget by morning.

  3. elberry

    i don’t recall any particular books, sadly – book i had a very vivid sense of the rooms, the book-lined hallways, the winding stairs down into the basement. i have occasionally dreamt of myself looking at written script but it’s odd that while i’ve dreamt music (music that i’m pretty sure i’ve never heard in the waking world), in the few dreams where i’m trying to read, e.g. signposts or letters or books, the letters are just a blur. i wonder if this suggests something about the dream mind; perhaps music goes deeper than words.

  4. elberry

    On further thought, though i think music does go deeper than language, the distinction isn’t between music and language but music and written language.

  5. Ian Wolcott

    I think that’s right. I’m sure I’ve heard characters in my dreams declaim poetry, though I don’t remember any of it. I wonder if musically inclined persons (which I’m not especially) who can read music (which I can’t) ever discover written sheets of music in their dreams.

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