Two Years of TNP

Two years of self-indulgence, affectation and purple prose.

The little Frankenstein I cobbled together here at The New Psalmanazar is a toddler now.  If he still knocks over the furniture and makes a mess of his food, well, that’s only to be expected.  And the smell?  Let him revel in his innocence a while longer – potty training is a second expulsion from Eden and not to be rushed.

I raise a glass of something or other: “To two years – and to you, my friends and readers.  Cheers!”


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5 responses to “Two Years of TNP

  1. Dave Lull

    Cheers, Ian.

    Happy anniversary. And here’s a gift of a defense of purple prose, which no doubt some of your readers have a weakness for:


    • Ian Wolcott

      Nice to see you again, Mr Lull! And thanks for the link – I’ll print it and read it on my train ride home from work this evening.

  2. Gaw

    Happy birthday! We call it the terrible twos over here…

  3. elberry

    Remember, to stay young you can just keep deleting your blog every few years, and start a new one…

    • Ian Wolcott

      That’s how you keep so fresh-looking, eh, Elberry? A sort of virtual reincarnation. I hear that Alphaville song pushing into the chorus…

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