Marginalia, no.99

Martinis, antagonistic effect on literary skill of, 186

~ Kingsley Amis, Index entry from Everyday Drinking

Turn to the page indicated for this admission: ‘I personally find that after half a dozen large Dry Martinis my customary skill with the commas and semicolons becomes a little eroded.’  There are no like entries for straight gin, whisky or vodka.  That receptivity to the Muses is helped by lubrication is a point insisted on by many, by example if not by recommendation.  Balzac, I think, had the better idea when he substituted coffee for alcohol, but he still drank himself to death.



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2 responses to “Marginalia, no.99

  1. Whether by dint of fermentation or not, it’s arguable that M Balzac’s contribution to the world of letters is more considerable than Mr Amis’.

    I’ll get, back to you; on this -subject =,, after the… next, round

  2. Ian Wolcott

    I’ll drink to that.

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