Book Porn, no.2

Bicentennial facsimile edition of the original Encyclopedia Britannica (1771), 3 vols.  These are big heavy books bound in chocolate leatherette with gilt lettering on the spine and paper foxing retained.  A winning combination of superannuated data and authoritative heft.  I picked them up for a tenth their value at a Seattle Public Library book sale a number of years ago.  Includes fold-out charts and tables and over 150 copperplates by Andrew Bell, who at four-foot-six rode the tallest horse in Edinburgh (with a ladder to reach the saddle) and got in bad odor with George III for his anatomically correct illustrations in the Midwifery article.


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2 responses to “Book Porn, no.2

  1. Wonderful, Ian. Beings to mind a cognate experience. I was in New York last week, walking along 59th St. And there it was, still in operation: The Argosy Bookshop, where, in about 1990, I bought a two-volume edition of Lamb’s “Specimens of the English Dramatists,” in my view among the best commonplace book(s) ever done. The occasional commentaries Lamb drops in are priceless.

    I’d like to run across that “Britannica.”

    Back in Kyoto,

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