Marginalia, no.83

My pen makes a noise like a goose eating grass.

~ Jules Renard, Journal

Writing in 1893, Renard could not have imagined the impoverishment of such moments after the advent of the ballpoint.  It’s a count against Argentina that it turned the birthday of Laszlo Biro into a national holiday.  Biro’s little machine has done more to hasten the death of decent handwriting than even the typewriter.  And my tapping at the keyboard, at least, sounds a little like the rain.



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2 responses to “Marginalia, no.83

  1. Oh I don’t know. The scratching of my biro sounds like a woodlouse playing shove ha’penny.

  2. Ian Wolcott

    Pass me yours then. Mine sounds more like a horsefly cleaning itself.

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