Marginalia, no.80

There never was a man more amusing or fanciful than Giovan Francesco Rustici, nor one who delighted more in animals.  He had a porcupine so tame that it stayed under the table like a dog and sometimes it rubbed against people’s legs so that they drew them in very quickly.  He had an eagle, and also a raven which could say a great many things so clearly that it was just like a human being.  He also applied himself to the study of necromancy by means of which, I am told, he gave strange frights to his servants and assistants; and thus he lived without a care.

~ Vasari, Lives

It’s all in that “thus” of the final clause.  A prickly lapdog, a conversational bird, and enough proficiency in the dark arts to prank one’s servants and friends: the best description of the carefree life I’ve read in years.

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  1. With such a menagerae, he must have had one or two cares!

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