Marginalia, no.59

‘God be praised,’ she said, ‘that at least once in my life I have had my fill without sin.’

~ Anon., from Montaigne, Essays II, 3

Purportedly the words of a woman from Toulouse roughly used by a group of soldiers during the French civil wars, Montaigne had them second-hand.  I don’t find it very credible.  But perhaps we would all prefer being forced to indulge ourselves.  I had no alternative, really, but to eat that donut, to knife that bastard, to spend a whole week at the brothel, etc.  Personally, I’m awaiting the mugger of my dreams to demand at gunpoint that I buy the $200 edition of Alice with the Mervyn Peake illustrations at the bookshop down the street – oh, and that bottle of 21-year-old Lagavulin too.


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