Small Things

Small Things

The vastest things are those we may not learn,
We are not taught to die, nor to be born,
Nor how to burn
With love.
How pitiful is our enforced return
To those small things we are the masters of.

~ Mervyn Peake


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6 responses to “Small Things

  1. That’s a great photo

  2. Ian Woolcott

    You’ll recognize the subject, of course.

  3. Hey Ian, dig the blog. I hope that you sometimes get paid for your thoughts.

    Freelance at all?

    Anyways, well done.

  4. Ian Woolcott

    Thanks, Saxon. I have managed to put my English degree to some use with regard to employment, but I’ve never really pursued freelance work – mostly due to overwhelming, habitual slothfulness.

  5. A. Mundi

    Hmm. I may just have fallen in love with your blog.

  6. Ian Woolcott

    A profession of love? Thank you.

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