Marginalia, no.38

There is in Nothing something so majestic and so high that it is a fascination and spell to regard it.  Is it not that which Mankind, after the great effort of life, at last attains, and that which alone can satisfy Man’s desire?

~ Hillaire Belloc, On Nothing and Kindred Subjects

I recently heard an astrophysicist from the University of Chicago quoted on the subject of dark energy, gravity’s evil twin, which is supposed to fill the observed gaps between galaxies and drive the accelerating expansion of the cosmos.   “Fifty years ago Nothing was considered very boring,” he said.  “Today Nothing is the focus of much forefront research in physics and astrophysics.”  I could only think of Belloc’s essay and smile at the idea of human insatiability and ambition blowing up the universe like a balloon, to the grand befuddlement of science.

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